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Part One: Poker Tips Hold-em or Fold-em? That is the Question

Hold-em or fold-em? That is the question. And if you can make the correct decision at key times during regular cash games, or even tournaments (I'll get into tournament play in the upcoming installments), then you'll be on top of the game, not under the table.

The game of poker is not really a game, but rather a testament of will, wisdom, patience, and a little bit of luck. Okay, maybe more than just a little luck.

First things first, where do you play? Well, for simple and easy access to casinos and card rooms in your vicinity, log on to 104Poker.com. With its state-of-the-art geo-targeting technology, it will automatically bring up the closest casinos to you - without having to type in your zip code! I tried it and it really worked for me. I simply logged on to 104Poker.com and it gave me a listing of all the casinos in my area, conveniently with addresses, phone numbers, and even a link to get me directions.

Okay, poker junkies, now that we know how to get there, let's prepare with a crash course on strategic play for the "Cadillac of Poker" - Texas Hold 'Em.

Pre-Flop play (Part 1)

Everyone is dealt two cards, face down. Simple enough, right? Well, looking at your cards seems like an easy task, however it will determine the entire tone set for the hand. The key is not to look at your cards until it's your turn. And don't bust out your cell phone and text your friend at the next table. Look at your opponents' reactions as they look at their cards. Did you see it? Did you see that look of disgust on someone's face, and the eyes of another player light up? Well, it's these subconscious pieces of information that you will need to determine whether to hold-em, or fold-em.